[SS6SG] Fanprojects


Hi dear fellow ELFs , we will be needing your help for our fanproject for SS6SG. We will be printing handheld banners which we will distribute to some parts of category 1 and 3; also we will be doing food support for Super Junior [This section is opened to anyone who is willing to donate ].

To make our fan project a success, we will need your help to donate to us. All donations are truly appreciated. We wish to show Super Junior our warmest welcome & support when they’re coming here this 1st May.

*All donations are in Singapore dollars . We welcome all ELF to join in donating ^^

Details below :

1. Handheld Banners
Amount / Donation per person : $5 (SGD)

2.Food Support per Donation : $3 (SGD)

3. Handheld Banners + Food Support = $10 (SGD)

* We truly appreciate your help to make our fan project a success .
Thank You .

For those who are interested ,
Please send us an email :sujumemories@gmail.com
In this format
Name :
Contact no :
Which category you want to donate :
Email :
Donation Amount :
Country (optional) :

*We will contact you to arrange for collection method for our donations . Most likely will be meet -up / bank transfer .

Once again we like to thank you for your help. Hope to see all ELFs during SS6SG! ^^
– SUJUmemories


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