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[2017] SJ comeback ^^

Thoughts about OMC- One more Chance Mv

To : Super Junior 내 사랑 & Donghae(동해)

2 Years of waiting ! It’s been a long ride but our love for you will never change !
Thanks for composing such a nice song ! Donghae
The lyrics translations etc. were so beautiful & touching
just like saying Don’t leave me in the Rain
and Memories of missing , loving someone are always beautiful & enchanted like a fairytale !
SJ Vocals are always on point as always ! The harmonisation and everything is just like they are eating CDs !!!

Music Video :
SUPER JUNIOR 슈퍼주니어 ‘비처럼 가지마요 (One More Chance)’ MV:



Thoughts about Black Suit Mv
Still can’t understand what’s the hidden story behind it haha.
Perception : Looking for who’s the stealer for that Black suit ??? 하하

Music Video :
SUPER JUNIOR 슈퍼주니어 ‘Black Suit’ MV


SJ music Videos · Super Junior

SJ & SJM Music Videos

Super Junior Music Videos

Music Videos credit to : Smtown , sment , Avex network youtube channels and owners .

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SJ Mamacita ( Japanese short Ver )

SJ DEVIL MV teaser – (korean ver) –

SJ Magic teaser

SJ Music video

——-[2017] – SJ comeback !!! ^^ ——–

SJ One More Chance (Korean ver)

SJ Black Suit (Korean Ver)

Repackaged album on april 12 released

SJ – Lo Siento ( Korean ver and spanish hehe)