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180617 From : Siwon & Donghae & Eunhyuk – Visiting Ryeowook


SW: 37사단 김려욱 병장과. We visited the man you were waiting for.

DH : 우리 려욱이 이제 나오는구나 ^^ ❤️ #대상포진조심하세요ㅜㅜ #오랜만에걸림


EH: 보고팠다 령구 #superjunior #슈퍼주니어 #army #군인 #ryeowook #려욱 #eunhyuk #은혁 #siwon #시원#donghae #동해

* Eunhyuk posted the same photo as Donghae ! ^^

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Translation * 180506 – Siwon fanmeeting in Taiwan

Translation Link : Sorry is plain BG

Siwon fanmeet in TW

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The words on the banner
: our love for you ,
is like you loving King O

so cheesy haha
but cute !
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[SMTOWN IG] 180406 Dubai

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[Heechul FB] sweet confession hehe etc.

생일 축하! 신사! 마씨. ~~~~ 사랑해

Siwon  : 대단히 감사합니다.

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12 hrs ago ** post haha

생일 축하! 이혁재 !! 이것 후에 떡을 사주세요. 하하하 😂😂 은혁
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Donghae Fb updates [ Believe in yourself ] 2017 – 2018 *3

Bonus ~ from another  account of yours
Found this on my weibo before ~^^ with Watermark haha

Thanks for uploading the original pic hehe ~^^

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Dragon Blade SG interview ( Siwon Part )

Hi ELF , Here is the Siwon speech about Dragon Blade ~
pics credit to : owners













Link to read Siwon Speech here
Siwon dragon blade interview

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SJ with Sorayuth Article

Here is the chinese translation for the article . I did not do an english translation for it as it is already done by another fanbase/ person – admin G

Have fun reading it ~
I did for Donghae and Siwon part ^
Pics credit : Tinylight etc

dh ..








link to article here ~
[Article] SJ with Sorrayruth (1)